对话一 Peter talks with his daughter Linda. B: Linda, you've been watching TV for hours today. One more minute before the TV set and I'll cancel our tour to Disneyland tomorrow. A: Please, Dad! It's Saturday today. You said I could watch more TV at weekends. B: But you should learn to protect your eyes,dear. By the way, no more reading while lying in bed starting from today. A: What about your smoking two packages of cigarettes a day, Dad? B: Oh, you've got me there. I promise I'll try to smoke less and less from now on. A: Let's make that a deal.。

2.英文对话(business etiquette)急用

我写的比较短, 如果你还想写多一些 再来问我哈~不知道你想注重哪方面的

A: Hey, Mary! How's everything going?

B: I've found a job last week, but now I am in trouble.

A: For what? It should be a delightful thing,uh?

B: Yeah, but our manager wanted me to attend a meeting with him. I'm afraid I do not know the etiquette.

A: Don't worry! Just be yourself, and keep smile with less words. You need to address a person using his or her family name only, such as Mr. Chen or Ms. Hsu. Understand?

B: Oh, I see, is there anything else I need to take care of?

A: Let me see。If someone gave you a name card, you should receive it with both hands and give one of yours back.

B: Ah, really, I've never heard it before! Thank you very much~


久仰! I ve heard so much about you.

好久不见了! Long time no see.

辛苦了! You ve had a long day.You ve had a long flight.

在北京过得怎么样? How are you making out in Beijing?

不虚此行! It s a rewarding trip!

包餐/点餐 Table d hote/a la carte

上菜 Serve a courst

您的位置在这里。 Here is your seat.

请入席! Please have a seat.

请随便! Please yourself at home./Please enjoy yourself.

请各位随意用餐。 Help yourself please.

您喝点什么? What would you like to drink?

4.英文情景对话 体现出礼仪 5分钟


“There's something I've been wanting to say. You worked very hard to bring us up . Now, we're grown up, but we aren't at your side to look after you.

One thing I don't understand… when you were young, you were so pretty . You should have had a good life. So why did you choose to live such a lonely life? We all have feelings… why didn't you remarry? Didn't you think about it?”---asked by TOTO (儿子)

“I never paid attention to that before. Thinking back, you should have. I didn't hold much hope in those days that I'd fall in love again. Your father was the only man I loved. People like me do not change. I'm like you, I cherish what I love. But, to tell the truth … Though it wasn't always easy to be faithful, my life was whole.”---- answer by MAMA (母亲)

“Frankly … I've always been scared to come back. After all these years, I thought… I was stronger , that I'd forgotten a lot of things. Now… I realize I'm right back where I was. As if I'd never been away. Yet my sister looks at me like a stranger. And you, MAMA… I abandoned you .I ran out on your life aa bandit… without any explanation.---said by TOTO (儿子)

“ I never asked for any. You don't have to explain . I've always believed you're right. Why dwell on it ? we thinking of the past…”----MAMA (母亲)


F: Welcome aboard! F: 欢迎你来本公司工作!

C: Thank you,I'm delighted to be working here,Mr.Buchwald.It's a pleasure to meet you again. 谢谢。我很高兴能来这里上班,布华奇先生。我很荣幸再见到您。(后一句可以用于面试的时候已经见过的某人)

F: Welcome aboard! 欢迎你来本公司工作!

C: Thank you,I'm delighted to be working here,Mr.Buchwald.It's a pleasure to meet you again.谢谢。我很高兴能来这里上班,布华奇先生。我很荣幸再见到您。(后一句可以用于面试的时候已经见过的某人)

F: Call me Buck,will you?My name is Reginald Buchwald but everybody call me Buck.It's easier.叫我布客就可以了,好吗?我的全名是雷奇纳客.布奇华,但是大家都叫我布客。这样比较方便。

C: I would hesitate to call you anything but Mr.Buchwald.Isn't it rather disrespectful to make a nickname out of the family name?


F: Well,President Eisenhower was known as Ike.Everybody in this company all the way up and down the line is called by his or her first name.


F:It's been our tradition ever since the company was small.And don't worry about the disrespect business.OK?在我们公司规模很小的时候这就已经形成传统。不要担心不礼貌的事了,好吗?

C:I'll try.我会试试看。

F:Good.But when there are outsiders,like business people from other companies,it might be good practice to address your higher-ups as Mr.,Ms.orwhatever is appropriate. 好。不过。如果有外人在时,如其他公司的人,最好能称呼你的上司为先生、小姐或任何适当的称谓。

F:To the outside world,our custom may be interpreted as a singn of flippancy or lax discipline.Get it?



F:(laughing)And don't sir me either.Now I'll show you your private office.


6.英文情景对话 体现出礼仪 5分钟

seller:What can I do for you?

customer: I want to buy a present for my wife.

seller:what kind of present does your wife like?

customer:maybe something useful and delicate.

seller:useful as brooms, delicate as flowers?

customer: err, maybe.

seller: what about this special designed vacuum cleaner?Look, it is designed for customers with high taste. Your wife will love it, and you will also benefit from this, because when your wife loves working with this, you will have the time to watch football games.

customer: deal!



Thank you so much for coming.


Hope you'll come again.


Here is your seat.


Please have a seat.


Enjoy this happy get-together


Please yourself at home./Please enjoy yourself.


Help yourself please.


What would you like to drink?


Business Negotiation

A: The seller Miss su representing Kai ya Chocolate Manufacturing Co.Ltd

B: The buyer Mr. zhou representing zhong shang supermarket.

A: Good morning, Mr. Zhou. Glad to meet you.

B: Good morning, Miss su. It's very nice to see you in person.

A: How are things going?

B: Everything is nice.

A: So, what's the topic of today's meeting?

B: Ok, after the last talk, we appreciate you price very much. Now let's talk about the terms of payment. Would you accept D/P? I hope it will be acceptable to you.

A: The terms of payment we usually adopt are sight L/C.

B: But I think it would be beneficial to both of us to adopt more flexible payment terms such as D/P term.

A: Payment by L/C is our usual practice of doing business with all customers for such commodities. I'm sorry we can't accept D/P terms.

B: As for regular orders in future, couldn't you agree to D/P?

A: Sure. After several smooth transactions, we can try D/P terms.

B: Well, as for shipment, the soon the better.

A: Yes, shipment is to be made in April, not allowing partial shipment.

B: can you make it earlier? May be in March, our customer is eager for them.

A: All right. Let me have a check, oh! There are some steam vessels available to your port, so we can make it in March.

B: Good! By the way, when can I expect to sign the S/C?

A: Mr. Zhou, would it be convenient for you to come again tomorrow morning. I'll get the S/C ready tomorrow for your signature.

B: That's fine. See you tomorrow. Goodbye. Miss Su.

A: See you and thanks for coming, Mr. Zhou.


商务会议最常用英语对话汇总 Let me introduce you to Mr. Li, general manager of our company.让我介绍你认识,这是我们的总经理,李先生。

It's an honor to meet. 很荣幸认识你。 Nice to meet you . I've heard a lot about you. 很高兴认识你,久仰大名。

How do I pronounce your name? 你的名字怎么读? How do I address you? 如何称呼您? It's going to be the pride of our company. 这将是本公司的荣幸。 What line of business are you in? 你做那一行? Keep in touch. 保持联系。

Thank you for coming. 谢谢你的光临。 Don't mention it. 别客气 Excuse me for interrupting you. 请原谅我打扰你。

I'm sorry to disturb you. 对不起打扰你一下。 Excuse me a moment. 对不起,失陪一下。

We offer you our best prices, at which we have done a lot business with other customers.我们向你们报最优惠价,按此价我们已与其他客户做了大批生意。 Will you please tell us the specifications, quantity and packing you want, so that we can work out the offer ASAP. 请告诉我们贵方对规格、数量及包装的要求,以便我方尽快制定出报价。

This is the pricelist, but it serves as a guide line only. Is there anything you are particularly interested in. 这是价格表,但只供参考。是否有你特别感兴趣的商品? Do you have specific request for packing? Here are the samples of packing available now, you may have a look. 你们对包装有什么特别要求吗?这是我们目前用的包装样品,你可以看下。

My offer was based on reasonable profit, not on wild speculations.我的报价以合理利润为依据,不是漫天要价。 We regret that the goods you inquire about are not available. 很遗憾,你们所询货物目前无货。

This is the pricelist, but it serves as a guide line only. Is there anything you are particularly interested in. 这是价格表,但只供参考。是否有你特别感兴趣的商品?。


A:Hello!B;Hello,is Doris available?A:This is Doris ,. Who's calling please?B:Hi, Doris, this is Mike calling from Parker's Dentistry, I'm calling to confirm your appointment for tomorrow morning at 9 am with Dr.Parker..A: Oh, I almost forgot, Thank you for calling to remind me. Actually. I do need to change the time of my appointment,. I have a scheduling conflict. And can't make it that early.B: If I put you in at a later spot, would that work out?A : It would have to be after lunch. Do you have anything available about 2 o'clock?B : Sorry ma'm, the only opening we have after lunch is 1:15, but I might be able to work you in after 4 .would that be a better time?A :That's alright,. I think I should be able to make it at 1:15. Can you put me down for that time slot?B :No problem. I have you appointment changed from tomorrow morning to tomorrow afternoon at 1:15.A : Wonderful. Thanks very much.您好! 乙,您好,是多丽丝呢? 答:这是多丽丝。

谁的电话吗? 乙:嗨,多丽丝,这是迈克从帕克的牙科致电的话,我打电话来确认您的预约明天上午9时与Dr.Parker .. 答:噢,我差点忘了,谢谢你的电话,提醒我。实际上。


并不能认为早。 乙:如果我将在稍后的位置你,将这项工作呢? 答:它必须是午餐后。

你有什么东西可以用大约2点钟? 乙:对不起ma'm,只有开放,我们午饭后是1:15,但我也许能工作,你在后4。将这是一个更好的时间? 答:这是正常的。

我想我应该能够在1点15分了。你可以把我下来的那个时段? 乙:没问题。

我中有你的任命改为明天上午1:15至明天下午。 答:好极了。

非常感谢。 :Hello,Bill Burton speaking,What can I do for you?B:Hello,Mr.Burton.This is Jenny of Bradford and Sons returining your call.I'm sorry you missed me when you called my office this morning.My secretary said you called concerning our meeting next Tuesday?A:Yes,Ms.Jenkins,thank you for returning my call.I'm glad to finally get a hold of you.I wanted to let know I will not be able to make our meeting next Tuesday.I will be out of town that day.Is there any possibility we can move the meeting to Monday?B:I'm sorry,I'm afraid I'm completey booked on Monday.Would it be possible to postpone until you return?A:Oh dear,I was counting on taking care of our meeting before I leave.but I suppose I could shuffle a few things.Yes,we can arrange something.I'll be back Thursday morning.What about Thursday afternoon? Would that work for you?B:That should be fine,Shall we say about 2 o'clock?A;Perfact.I'll look forward to seeing you at 2 o'clock next Thursday afternoon.If you need to change the time, please feel free to call me on my cell phone.B:Thanks,Mr.Burton. T'll see you on Thursday.您好,比尔伯顿说,我能为你做? 乙:您好,Mr.Burton.This是布拉德福德和儿子珍妮returining您call.I'对不起你想念我的时候你叫我办公室morning.My秘书说,你对我们的要求在下周二的会议? 答:是的,Ms.Jenkins,感谢我的call.I回到'米高兴终于得到一个you.I持有让你想知道我将无法使我们的会议将于明年Tuesday.I出城这day.Is有任何可能性,我们可以将会议星期一? 乙:对不起,我怕我completey上Monday.Would才有可能推迟,直到返回预订? 答:哦,亲爱的,我是到本次会议之前,我leave.but照顾我想我可以洗牌一些things.Yes计算,我们可以安排something.I'回来2月29日星期四下午morning.What?请问,对你的工作? 乙:那应该是不错,可以说是大约2点钟? 阿; Perfact.I'当地雇员期待在2点钟看到你在下周四afternoon.If您需要更改时间,请随时致电我的手机。

乙:谢谢,Mr.Burton。 T'll周四看到你。

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